The first time, I filled my pockets. It was one of those days when I was feeling unsettled and needed fresh air to gain some perspective. Off I went down to the beach, and there they were. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of bright colourful pieces among the pebbles. I picked what was possible.

Back home I unloaded my ‘treasure’ on my scratched white table and, with my curiosity sufficiently piqued, was immediately drawn to arrange the objects. And click, the first snap was taken and uploaded to Instagram and Facebook. “Here guys, a souvenir for you from Brighton Beach!”. The comments and the likes came in waves, and then Claudia said “What a project!”. Project?

Since 2014, I have been collecting the little (and not so little) discarded items I find during my walks on the beach, just opposite my place in Kemp Town.

These are the results. Each picture represents one walk.

Irene Soler

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